A Guide to my Site

I am redoing my site so not everything will work at the moment. Check back for updates as they become available. Click on the pictures on the left to go to any of the pages mentioned below. If they don't work, they will soon!

A Journey Thru Time

This is a link to a series of portraits and other pictures of me throughout my life. It is just a quick look at how one person has aged. It is particularly for my high school classmates that are interested in seeing how I have changed in appearance over the years. The gap in the middle is simply due to lack of pictures.

The Monument Fire

During June 2011, fire destroyed over 90 buildings, including 57 homes in our area. Our house was spared but our property burned. Neighbors were not as lucky. These are pictures related to the fire and what our property looked like after we returned home. You can also get some idea of my rammed earth house by looking at these pictures. It is a passive solar house with no central heating or cooling, yet it stays at a remarkably even temperature throughout the year.

My Bird Photography

I have two major hobbies. One is photography and the other is birding. This section is just a few of my bird portraits and photographs. These pictures will give you an idea of my much bigger collection, hopefully without boring you.

My Butterflies

When Glen and I had our art gallery there were significant periods of idyll time when there were no customers. I used that time to create digital pictures of butterflies. I used damaged butterlies that I took off the radiator of my car or that I found on other cars, which I mounted flat and then scanned. I then carefully recreated the original undamaged appearance. It passed the time when I had little else to do.

Miscellaneous Pictures

This is a catch-all to provide a place to include a few other pictures of people, events, places, etc. that I would like to share.


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