A different name:

picture of a red velvet ant
Red Velvet Ant was the name I chose for the business my parnter and I formed after retirement. While we closed the business, I kept the name and the domain as my personal domain. It is named after a colorful flightless wasp that is common in this part of Arizona. The picture is not very clear but it gives you an idea of what a Red Velvet Ant looks like.

A different place:

Southern Arizona is primarily rural with the only large town being Tucson. Where I live is 95 miles southeast of Tucson and four miles north of Mexico. I can see the mountains of Mexico anytime I look south. Hereford is just south of Sierra Vista. East of us is Bisbee, an old mining town that became a haven for artists and other unique individuals after the mine closed most of its activity in the early 70's. It serves as a nice counter balance to the conservatism of the military town of Sierra Vista. The San Pedro valley is the route Coronado followed when he first explored the Southwest. Settlements in this area predate most of the European settlements on the east coast except St. Augustine. This area belonged to Mexico until it was purchased by the US (The Gadsden Purchase). Where I live is high desert, much cooler than Tucson or Phoenix and it is at the base of the mountains. It is also a primary migration route for lots of wildlife.

A different perspective:

The thing I like about living here is the feeling of freedom. There is a lot of room to roam around in. There is a lot of variety. There is a whole different nation and culture within sight of my property. There are a lot of things here that make life interesting and sometimes entertaining. The climate is wonderful. It is warm but not too hot and we have an occasional snow most winters. It has been a good place for me. It is also a good place to be active in any kind of cause or politics because you can make a difference when the population is not so large. Individuals can truly make a difference. I have done that and will continue to do that as I see fit. I have enjoyed living here and over time I have definitely developed a sense of place and I think that is good.

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